You Can Vote However You Like

October 29, 2008

Couple weeks ago, I blogged about Weird Al’s parody of T.I.’s hit “You Can Have Whatever You Like.” here.
This doesn’t have anything on Weird Al, but it’s still sweet.

ht Ed Courtney

4 responses to You Can Vote However You Like

  1. Freakin Awesome!!

  2. and here is their interview:

  3. Evan:

    You sent me a note on twitter, but I cannot reply there unless you follow me. This is the only means I found to contact you.

    I am trying to follow men in ministry. I see you are involved with youth ministry. So am I. I periodically take teenagers and college students down to New York City for ministry to the homeless and those on the streets.

    My wife follows homeschooling moms and uses my account on twitter for that.

    Through twitter, I had a chance to explore your web blog. I like twitter because most people have a link to their blogs or websites, and that provides opportunity to “get to know” the people who twitter.

    In him,
    John Meyers

  4. These kids are wonderful! Their families must be so proud of how thoughtful and articulate they are. And self possessed enough to carry on a political conversation on television–without cue cards!
    And their teachers have to be fabulous.