WordPress Mobile Plugin

March 18, 2010

People used to check out websites for the first time on desktops or laptops.
But now, it’s mobile phones.

You can have the coolest, fanciest, website, but if it can’t be viewed on a mobile phone, then it’s not functional.

Thanks to Chuck Scroggins, I just found out about the WordPress Mobile Plugin.

What my site used to look like on mobile phones.photo.9ZR3nPJCdZxt.jpg

And now.

I lose a lot of look and feel.
But now viewers can actually read my content.
Mobile users understand that, and they aren’t looking for style, but looking for quick content.

One response to WordPress Mobile Plugin

  1. I use WPtouch on my site. It works pretty good though I had to configure it with WP supercache to get it to work correctly.