Where I Sell Online

April 19, 2011

I’ve sold hundreds of items online. I’m not an eBay guru or anything like that, but I have a strategy I follow to help generate some extra cash or get rid of unwanted items.

How much is my item worth?

Before posting anywhere online be sure to do some research on what the fair market value of your item is. The best place to do it is on eBay. Search for your item and restrict the results to “completed listings.” This will show what dollar amount your item sold for, and will give you a good idea of what it is worth. Remember when people buy items with eBay they are adding their shipping cost into their total investment into that item. So if the item sold for $1 and shipping was $10, the bidder knew they were paying $11 and not $1 for the item.

First Sell Locally

The first place I go is locally, to avoid the ebay fees which is around 9% and paypal fees which is additional 3%.

This is great for items that can’t be shipped or will draw the same amount of money locally.

Free classified ad system.

Yahoo Groups
This is a hidden and unknown gem. Most communities have a Buy Sell Trade yahoo groups.
How it works: You email your ad to to the master yahoo group email address, then that email is sent out to the entire group.
Go to Yahoo Groups and search for your community and surrounding communities plus keywords like “Buy Sell Trade”, Marketplace, BST, Sell, ect.

Groups I’m subscribed to:
CIBST – Central Illinois Buy Sell Trade
MC-BST – Mattoon Charleston Buy Sell Trade

Social Media
Be sure to post a link to your Craigslist ad on both Facebook and Twitter. Use the power of your credibility and take advantage of the huge audiences there.

Second Sell Globally

If you plan on doing lots of auctions I recommend GarageSale for Mac.

What are some strategies you use in selling online? What are other places you use?


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  1. Rupert Lisenbee May 2, 2013 at 1:13 pm

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