When txting in service is a good.

May 19, 2008

Tonight at our youth service, we encouraged our students to text message.
We signed up for free with a service called Poll Everywhere.

We asked the questions, “What causes you to pound the table?”
And then students texted their answer to a certain number, and then we projected the poll website page and watched the live results come in.
It was very simple.

Here some of the results.

2 responses to When txting in service is a good.

  1. My husband used poll everywhere in our 11am service on sunday. Worked great! Most people would either weep uncontrollably or dig for oil in their backyard if gas prices keep rising. (Not many are buying scooters, though)…

  2. Dude that is AWE-SOME!
    No hiccups or problems with it? I mean it seems so stinking easy. I love it!