What I’ve Learned – Series Graphic

September 20, 2008

Sunday we are starting a two week series at First Assembly.
This is Pastor Van’s last sermon series as Lead Pastor.
Here is the artwork for the series. 

I post all of my designs at The Church Marketing Lab Pool.

4 responses to What I’ve Learned – Series Graphic

  1. Hello, Evan.

    How is this going to be used? Is this a print graphic, for projection, both? Thanks for clarifying.


  2. @dave.
    This will only be used for two weeks.
    Minimal print.
    Minimal web.

  3. I’d work to move the photo of Van and Diane over a bit so you’re covering a bit more of the picture with the girls and so you can see his face in the newest picture. If you were putting together a collage of pictures for a special event, you’d make sure that the face of the person being honored was visible in all the photos. Same should be applied to photo collages on projection, IMO. Otherwise it looks great.

  4. Is there a way to move the photos around so they aren’t overlapping and you can see each one more? That’s all I can think of. LOVE the pics!