August 27, 2008

Last month I had 863 text messages. Probably due to having a different phone. Changed my habits.
July was 1,450
June was 1,167 

How many text messages do you do a month?

12 responses to Txting

  1. Pre-iPhone, I was sending about 1,500 texts a month, and receiving about 950 on average.

    Now that I have an iPhone, both numbers seem to have settled at 250 a month.

    Crazy, eh?

  2. Don’t even own a cell phone. How’s that for original?? 🙂

  3. What service do you use Evan?

    I looked all over my AT&T online bill and couldn’t find a handy little table like you referenced.

    I did check the total at the bottom of my bill and it looks like I did 6705 text messages in August.

  4. @Toby seriously?
    @Eli Verizon here. 6705 is amazing. Then again, I guess that is only nine an hour. I’ve got some work to do to catch up.

  5. I’ve done 85 in August so far. June and July were about 100.

  6. Very serious!! I always say that I went into hiding 2 years ago and have no intention of being found….with a cell phone that is :-). I enjoy my privacy too much and I didn’t have any with that thing. Now, I just get 70 emails a day, but they don’t vibrate or make any noise and I don’t feel the pressure to hurry a response.

  7. i have a youth who racked up like 13,000. that is not a typo. thirteen thousand texts. that is unreal.

  8. I sent 368 in July, and have sent 404 since the 2nd of August. I am slowly climbing each month, since I only used to send 20 a month.

    I have a youth that is on prepaid cards and sent like 1000 in 3 days.

  9. Sent almost 700, received almost 2000 (thanks to Twitter!) lol

  10. 10 tops…and most of them are to my wife.

  11. 4 and that cost me 80 cents…

  12. This last month was right around 1800. And I have an iPhone. I love texting with it. 🙂