Tweetpress Brings Traffic To Your Site

November 23, 2009

Instead of posting photos with twitter sending traffic to twitpic, or whatever twitter photo service you use, begin to drive that traffic to your site.

Tweetpress is a plugin for WordPress which integrates with Tweetie iPhone App.
Everytime you post a photo with Tweetie, the photo posts to a page on your site that you specify.
Bringing traffic to your site.

Plus you are able to control the viewer experience with your own design, that isn’t cluttered with advertisement.

Here is where I was driving hits.

And now here’s where it goes.

My iPhone Photo Gallery

Get started with the easy step by step tutorial.

3 responses to Tweetpress Brings Traffic To Your Site

  1. I use simplytweet and use Posterous where you can simply send any form of
    media to your site thru a simple email to and it
    not only transforms a link or attachment automatically but sends it in autopost form to any site that you choose: I.e. Your facebook account, Twitter, wordpress, etc… It’s pretty sweet


  3. Yea man, you should…check mine out…you can also host your site thru it (you know ur own domain name)….on another note, did u do all that media stuff for your church?? Cause I have a tin if questions for my own church as to how uve done all that