The Pipeline Olympics

August 4, 2008

For the month of August, we have divided The Pipeline into three teams.
Each team is competing for points.
The team with the most points after the five weeks, wins a “Party at the Lake”.

Each night at The Pipeline we do games, and then we talk about Olympics Moments in history.
Last night we talked about the 1972 Munich Olympic basketball game between USA vs USSR, and then we talked about the Olympic moment in the bible with Noah.

Here is the shot put with a melon.

ht travis

Our goal by the end of the month is for more students to know God, and to pubicly display knowing him, thru water baptism.
We signed up two people for baptism so far last night

2 responses to The Pipeline Olympics

  1. Great idea! I can not beleive H. Poulter is in Pipeline now!

  2. Party at Lake Sangchris?