The Instant Messenger Song

April 24, 2009

rss readers. view video here

I’ve used instant messenger for over 14 years.
Starting out with AIM.
I currently use Adium where I log into 7 different services at one time.

What instant messenger services do you use?

2 responses to The Instant Messenger Song

  1. I’ve had the same AIM account since ’95. In college I got accounts on ICQ, Yahoo, and MSN to keep up with new friends on the major services.

    I’m on a mac now using Adium as well. I still use AIM daily, but also use it for Yahoo, MSN, GTalk, Jabber, and our corporate Jabber for work.

    Great video.


  2. hilarious. great video.

    i current do not use any chat client because i got tired of getting on my computer and being stuck in random conversations with people. but i guess that makes me a cranky old man….oh well.