Thank Your Team

April 6, 2010

When the big weekend is over; remember to thank your team.
They are the ones that take my crazy ideas my head and turn them into reality.
Before Easter was even here, the staff started coming up with a list of those that we needed we needed to thank after the weekend.

We shot out hand written thank you cards to everyone that played a part.
No matter how big or small.

To Lead Pastors: Remember your staff, paid and volunteer. Remember your administrators, your assistants.

To Staff : Thank your Lead Pastor. Take him (or her) to lunch, breakfast. Something.

Volunteers – This is what makes the ship run. Our volunteers were involved in:

creative element
script writing
worship team
tech team
ushers and greeters
those who made muffins
church board
coffee maker
creative team
interactive game mc
kids check in station
pastors’ family
family life ministry
prayer team

Be sure to thank Pastor’s spouses & family.
Thank them for their Spouse’s time away from their family.