February 15, 2008

Welp. My iBook went down for the count today. So I have to sent it off for repair. Gulp.
So that means that i will be without the following for almost 2 weeks.
Photoshop. Final Cut Pro. Dreamweaver. InDesign. iLife. iWork. Office.
My Music. My Photos. My Contacts. My Life.

So my blog posts will be a little different including this one. So, here goes.

I found this picture today, and facts about it.
Taken in 2002.
Taken outside the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre
Day after Star Wars Episode II, Attack of the Clones premiere.
The only Star Wars movie i’ve seen is Empire Strikes Back.
I’m wearing a borrowed Illinois sweatshirt. If you know anything about me, you know it had to be cold for me to wear that.
Photo was taken by Jon Keck.
I spent a week in southern california for a Purpose Driven Church conference.
Taken a less then month before I got married.
Directly after this picture was taken, i gave the stormtrooper a knee to the crotch.