Steve-O on God.

March 21, 2008

Steve-O blogged on myspace yesterday about his life of drug and alcohol abuse in a post titled You Should All Know I Am In Rehab.
Who’s Steve-O? Wikipedia calls him a daredevil performer, television personality and hip-hop artist.

Steve-O blogs…


1) I believe that I was chosen by my Higher
Power/Guardian Angels, and led to the spiritual path
which I am currently on. I try not to ask of God,
rather, to work for what it is I want, and communicate
with God only in “Thank You’s.” For my Higher Power I
am more grateful than I could possibly express.

2) I used to consider myself agnostic, as recently as
September of 2006. I now consider myself, well,
“spiritual,” actually, let me say, “Thankful…”


At this point,
All you f#$%@#!@ things are good for is dying. I’m not
ready to die. I’m ready to live. I’m ready to breathe
(properly, even). I’m ready to fall in love. I’m ready
to become ready to start a family. I’m ready to be
happy, fulfilled and meaningful. Maybe I’ll see you
f!#@$&@ if and/or when I’m ready to die.

Everyone is searching aren’t they?
Keep on seeking, and you will find. – Jesus

6 responses to Steve-O on God.

  1. interesting. The thing is, many people search a little and become content with what they find. ie: “my higher power”.

    It seems like these people grasp for the quick fix and simply throw up “thank-you’s” when things are good.

    Don’t get me wrong-I’m not raggin on Steve-o. But his life won’t really change longterm until he gives up that “higher power” for Christ. Just my .02!

  2. hm. so if buddha was someone’s higher power, or allah, that wouldn’t be ok?

  3. here is what interested me.
    the thought that everyone is searching for that “higher power”, and will continue to search until they find God.
    God. as in the (the father, son and holy spirit)

  4. It seems that everyone wants to become spiritual. It sounds similar to Madonna.

    It also seems that he is using terms from Christianity, as well as Taoism. People seem to get caught up with “searching”, but never accept or come to terms with anything.

  5. I don’t know that everyone continues to search until they find God. I think some search for something that will be pleasing to them. Other’s search for peace of mind. Not everyone who searches does so for truth. And yet others seemingly find Christ & yet their search happens to lead them away. In response to isabella, no, I wouldn’t say it would be “ok.” My beliefs, as found in the scriptures, are that Jesus is the only way to heaven. All others are just…well…dead ends.

  6. Pretty intense. Rock bottom can compel some to search. I have no idea what he’s searching for, but unless it is Christ, his Savior, he will continue to come up empty.