Steering Through Chaos | Book Review

March 19, 2010

Scott Wilson is lead pastor at The Oaks in Dallas, Texas.
Scott has takes all of his experience and all of his transitions that he has had to go thru, and puts them together in one book for others to learn from.

He describes and talks about change.
And that a majority of the time, we change our organization too late.
That we start to bring change when we start to lose momentum, and then by the time that change has been implemented, it takes two to three years.
Where instead we could be all the time creating change.
Even when everything is going well; that way we don’t experience a drop in momentum.

Scott also encourages other church leaders to find their vision.
That it doesn’t come from a conference, another leader, but it comes from God.
And it doesn’t come overnight.
It’s a lifelong process if it being revealed to you by God.

Overall Steering Through Chaos is a great book that will challenge in the area of change, and inspire you to continue to chase the vision that God has for you.

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