Social Media Guide for Churches Part 1: Scheduling Posts

February 28, 2011

A majority of our tweets and Facebook posts are scheduled and posted automatically for The Fields Church.
Everything we can do ahead of time, we do it.

We are very strategic on what day and time we post.

For everyone it will be different, but in general these are the general times with the heaviest amount of traffic. These times for those targeting local and not global audiences.

Weekdays @ 9am, 1pm, 4pm
Friday 4pm is the best time to tweet

Think about it. 9am is when people get into the office, 1pm is right after lunch, and 4pm is right before heading up.

Weekdays @ 11am, 3pm, 8pm
Most traffic is at 3pm. (Probably because teenagers have just gotten out of school.)
Mornings get more traffic than afternoon post. 65% of people don’t check Facebook at work.

Think about it. 11am is right before lunch, 3pm is when most people hit the mental block for the day, and 8pm is after kids have gone to bed.

Know your audience.
If you are targeting teenagers it doesn’t make sense to post while they are at school. And if your wanting to hit the working class (non-tech) you’ll want to avoid the 9-5 work day. (Twitter is a little different, because a majority of those using Twitter are checking it with their phone through out the day.)

Tools to use to schedule posts
Cotweet – I use this for all of our schedule Twitter posts. It’s FREE, and althoughs you to schedule unlimited number of tweets.
Posterous – It’s a microblog that I use to send to Facebook, so that our posts are media rich. I wasn’t able to find a better solution. Here is what our posterious site looks like. Nobody really knows it out there, but I push content from there to Facebook. I’ll post how I do this in a future post.

Here is a weekly schedule we put together for our schedule posts.

When are Facebook Users Most Active? – Mashable
Report: Nine Scientifically Proven Ways to Get Retweeted on Twitter – Fast Company
5 Tips to Determine the Best Time to Post Facebook Updates – FB Ads and Insight

How are you using scheduled posts for Facebook and Twitter?
What articles have you read?
What techniques are you using?

4 responses to Social Media Guide for Churches Part 1: Scheduling Posts

  1. Evan, just what we needed! Brilliant – thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Great! Glad it could help.
    I’m learning, so I’d love to hear what your doing.

  3. Hey Evan – just found this. Very helpful. I’m curious if you ever use twitter and facebook for “other” church events and how you work out that schedule so you are not overwhelming your audience.


  4. Paula – We have backed off a little bit on scheduled posts like the ones I’ve mentioned above. I felt like we were being too scripted and robot like. We still announce same time/ same day when our services are live.

    We usually only post about those events that effect a majority of our audience. We don’t want to talk about a 60+ breakfast that only effects 12 people.

    I’d love to hear how you are using Facebook/Twitter for your church.