She Dances Flash Mob

December 10, 2010

In August The Fields did a series called “The Biggest Loser” and I had the privilege to speak one of the weekends. I had the topic of Anger (listen to the message here). I shared about that many times we use our anger on things that aren’t worth our time. But in our life, we need to find something to fight for, something to get angry about.

Just before this message, I had discovered an organization called She Dances, that is helping sexually exploited girls in Honduras. Since I have a love for the Honduran people, and I know a couple girls from the village of San Jeronimo, this gripped my heart. Knowing that one of those girls from the high school or elementary school that I’ve worked with, could be bought, sold, traded through out Honduras and Central America.

She Dances has a safe home in Tegucigalpa, Honduras for girls that they have been able to rescue. I was able to Skype interview their founder Jeremy Springer, and show the video during my message.

During that video God spoke to Chris Brunson, an EIU student that attends our Common Grounds location, that he needed to get involved with She Dances. Chris organized a group of students and became an official student group at EIU that is a She Dances Chapter. Like the EIU She Dances Chapter on Facebook.

This past week Chris organized a dance flash mob at EIU, and solely invited people via Facebook and word of mouth. Almost a couple hundred people showed up at Doudna Fine Arts building’s steps in 20 degree weather to dance for a couple minutes.

This event was to make awareness of the student group and to human trafficking. The student group passed out these cards to inform the participates and those walking by.

She Dances Promo Card

We danced because they can’t.