Shaken not Stirred

April 18, 2008

4:36am I’m waken by the sounds of our front door shaking, and then vibrations through out the 2 story brick house we are renting.
4:39am I text Aaron & Luke “Was that an earthquake?”
4:40am “I don’t know” from Aaron via text
4:40am “Dunno I felt it too” from Luke via text
4:40am I text Aaron “Did you feel that?”
4:41am “yeah” from Aaron via text
4:46am “what the heck was that?” from Aaron via text

I ran down and grabbed my iBook, and ran to the most trusted name in news.

Where were you when you were shaken?

14 responses to Shaken not Stirred

  1. I was sleeping, but my alarm that i had set for 6:15 was screaming at me right after it happened, wierd!

  2. I personally was not woken up by it, but people told me today they were woken up by it. I’m in Cincinnati.

  3. I was in my bed with my wife. All i remember was – I was sitting up, grabbing a hold of the bed saying “what the heck is going on? Is Lil’ ok?!” Then it stopped. Christina thought it was a really bad tornado-type wind. I looked outside, and it was as still as could be. Then I said, “I think it was an earthquake.”

  4. My gparents live near Peoria, IL and they didn’t feel anything major.

  5. I was sleeping in bed and assumed it was a strong wind blowing through my apartment. I woke up and shut the window and went back to sleep.

  6. I woke up when the display cabinet full of glassware in my bedroom started making a lot of noise. I’m not sure I actually felt anything shake, but the glasses sure did — as did my 13yo daughter who rushed into my room scared half out of her wits.

  7. 4:?-Waking up thinking the earthquake was a heavy rain
    4:40-Answering evans text
    4:45.00 getting woken up again by texts from matt
    4:45.02 Dad-“Luke?” Luke-“Yes?” Dad-“Your phones going off”

    I cant belive thats the only reason my dad came in. I didnt even think it was a earthquake until you texted me

  8. gavin richardson April 18, 2008 at 2:41 pm

    my dog woke me. she is our best weather alarm. i thought it was tornado shaking the house. no rain or anything windy. turned on the news, but no reporting as of then. then it was over. i fell asleep again before they got to reporting it.

  9. My parents felt it in Pawnee and an aftershock around 10am.

  10. I read your twitt and thought: “I’m glad I live in Norway”

  11. travis spencer April 18, 2008 at 3:41 pm

    sleeping in Ft. Lauderdale until you woke me up with your text message. THANKS!

    Have you checked the foundation of the house you are buying? I heard it cracked.

  12. I’m in Dayton OH, and was up reading (I’m a night owl). My one drum started buzzing, my house made an odd noise and the shower doors upstairs vibrating woke my husband up. We are on an offshoot of this fault in the Miami Valley so we really felt it. Most of our neighbors did too. I heard a few car alarms go off.

  13. love that twitter played a role in the news for you! (from san francisco, land of earthquakes.)

  14. I slept right through it. My wife’s uncle called at 7 and asked us if it woke us up – their bedroom was shaken.

    Bummer – first earthquake I’ve ever been in, and I slept through it.