Selfish Prayers

January 25, 2009


Today, I’m frustrated.
The prayers I’ve prayed.

  • God, please let my external hard drive work. It has tons of applications and files on it that I need to use. Please, let it boot once, so I can get everything off.
  • God, help me to find my wedding ring. I have no clue where I set it down. Help me to find it.

Looking at these prayers make me sick.
These are concerns I have right on my mind right as of this second.

…then I think of the prayers being prayed by others right now.

  • There is a girl in Thailand praying that God would rescue her and protect her from her owner, as she is a slave.
  • A husband/dad is praying for clean water  in the village of Yongoni in Africa so he can give his malnutritioned wife a drink.
  • A teenager in Illinois is praying that she isn’t pregnant this morning because of a bad decision that she made last night.

God, forgive me for my selfish prayers.

8 responses to Selfish Prayers

  1. do you think God is mad at you/us for being selfish?

  2. @phil
    I’m not sure if God gets mad at us.
    Maybe wishing that we’d spend our time/energy on better things.

    I realize that he even cares about little things. ie sparrows.

    Hard question.

  3. I mean the bible also says he knows how many hairs you have… so if he knows something trivial like that how can he get mad about the fact that your prayers aren’t always life and death type stuff… just some thoughts

  4. @Phil

    I know what you mean.

    Have you read The Shack?
    I’m almost done with it, and it has some really interesting ideas.

  5. I read most of it, and then I just got bored with it… sometime in the middle of him just wondering from one member of the trinity to the other… but I do remember them being big on how God loves everyone for who they are, where they are…

    btw will and i are thinking about playing settlers tomorrow night, wanna play?

  6. But that’s what I love about God so much!

    God wants you to pray about the big things, sure He does.

    What He really wants though is a relationship with you, a deep, personal relationship. He wants to be your best friend which means anything you’d chat about with your best friend, He wants to chat about with you.

    Sure we can get selfish and start to ‘use God’ as our personal valet, which is totally wrong, but really, do you think that a God who loves you enough to send His son to die for you doesn’t want you to ask Him where your wedding ring is (for example)? After all, He knows where it is and if it’s important to you, it’s important to Him.

    I think sometimes God must get frustrated with me because I exclude him from the things I think are selfish. I ofen find that when I finally include him, he gives me the answer immediately as if to say “why did you waste all that time and effort when I could have helped instantly?”.

    There is a danger in thinking that God is only there for the big things because that cuts our relationship with him down to just the times when we are REALLY in trouble.

    There is also a danger in thinking that God is our personal genie – He’s NOT and he won’t let you get away with that!

    We do need balance though and we need to not beat ourselves up over things which aren’t a problem!

  7. @Peter Great stuff. Thanks for commenting.

  8. What’s more selfish… talking to God (even in your ‘selfish’ moments) or only talking to him when you’re “perfect”?

    Not like you’re gonna surprise God! I think God loves when I go – “okay God, I can’t find my keys – please help me find them.” Then when I’m silent and think I can find them on my own power.

    Of course, you should pray for other things. And be thankful that your biggest worry at the moment is “please make my HD work” rather than “please send me food”. But yeah, God loves all of your prayers.