Sasquatch The Quest

October 13, 2010

A new bigfoot documentary is being released called Sasquatch The Quest.

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What are you thoughts on bigfoot? Myth? Real?

6 responses to Sasquatch The Quest

  1. What’s the release date?

    My only other comment is….shouldn’t it be “Sasquatch: The Quest”? Seems like there’s a missing colon there….

  2. Not sure on a release date.
    Also, not sure on the colon.

  3. The problem with the hype is that more often than not, it doesn’t deliver.

    I hope for the best on this one, but I’m not holding my breath.

  4. Armando – Who knows. We’ll see.

  5. Why can’t I watch the trailer? keeps going to Godaddy. Thanks

  6. @Michel Buehler – Interesting. Their site is down.