Rob Bell’s Nooma Tomato Premiere

November 11, 2008

You can watch full-length version of the newest Rob Bell’s Nooma titled Tomato until November 13, 2008 at noon, EST
Neue Ministry

Dust is my favorite Nooma so far.
What is yours?

8 responses to Rob Bell’s Nooma Tomato Premiere

  1. Dust is my favorite, too, by a lot

  2. I’m a fan of Rain. I need to catch on them. I haven’t seen the last few.

  3. For me, Rob Bell is like MySpace. Trendy for a while, then blah. I dunno. I feel like he just repeats himself now. Totally just my opinion. But I’ll check out the video.


  4. So I figured out what drives me crazy. At the end of almost every sentence, he slows…down. He will introduce a thought and then put on the…breaks. He wants you to think about that last…word. It drives me…nuts.

  5. I like his style and technique.
    I find it refreshing.
    Thought provoking.

  6. Rob Bell is emergant church and that movement does not uphold the Word of God and is out of line with your 16 Fundamental Truths that you will declare to uphold.

  7. I watched the video. I like it. It is good, and I’ll probably buy it to use sometime. But watch it and notice how he does that with every…sentence. 😉 heeheehee.

  8. @Will, so you watched Tomato then? Not sure what is out of line, the Nooma was about dying to ourselves so that Christ can live.