Ride The Wave

October 12, 2009

I very seldomly use a local word processor.
I’ve not used Microsoft Word regularly for years, and I sparely use Pages.
I mostly use Google Docs.
Word processing on the cloud.

The main benefit for me using Google Docs is that is collaborative.
We use it all the time for The Fields Church.
Sermon ideas, meeting notes, to do lists.
I got over a hundred documents that are shared between others.

Along with the docs, especially with our staff we trade emails all the time, replying, cc-ing them to others, ect.
It becomes a mess.

But something new has spiked my interest.
Google has recently released an invite only “a personal communication and collaboration tool” called Google Wave.

{Embedded Video}
Now I just need an invite.

One response to Ride The Wave

  1. If I get one, I’ll give you an invite. Vice versa?