Preach it Preacher

September 19, 2008

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  1. Honestly, I think it’s cute – but also a bit odd. It’s obvious he’s not really saying anything and he’s imitating behavior – but I guess it’s not bad behavior to imitate if you want to be one of those sorts of yelly preachers.

    did that sound bad? lol.

  2. i think it’s stupid..just because a kid yells into a microphone doesn’t make it cute or preaching.

  3. At best this is not good for the development of the child, odd, but harmless. At worst it is child abuse and exploitation. See the excellent documentary (iTunes) “Marjoe”. I am sickened by this and am pretty sure God isn’t happy about it either.

  4. SOmebody is copying daddy grandpa. Nothing wrong with it although it does seem to be a waste of time during a church service.

  5. I suppose GOD only knows what this young man is trying to say, or imitate. This is a very STRONG message that children repeat what they see and hear…down to the most minor detail. I am not much for this style of preaching, but if you are then go for it. God’s message is not defined in any one style of preaching. It will be neat one day if this young man is in the ministry reaching the lost. HEY, lots of kids play church, this one is just a bit different and made it on the internet.

  6. I think kids mimic and value what they see. Whether there’s a spiritual element to it or not….I guess you’d have to be there, huh? It made me smile, anyway!

  7. There is a warning in my heart while listening to this kid.

    I’m thinking it sounds a bit like speaking in tongues. It definitely sounds like the kid is imitating an adult preacher. Is it honest preaching? I don’t know. It seems like their church is being edified by it.

    Is the kid “old enough” to have the gift of tongues? I don’t know when spiritual gifts start to show themselves, and I don’t know if it has anything to do with the “age of accountability”… but if it is tongues, where is the interpreter?

    If he doesn’t have the spiritual gift of tongues, or the gift of preaching, it would seem to me like it’s most likely that he is only imitating and does it selfishly for the praise he receives. He seems to enjoy making the people get uproariously loud and wild.

    I hope my thoughts aren’t offensive. I’ll tag this on the end:

    Hold me accountable to this:
    Colossians 4:6 “Let your conversation be gracious and effective so that you will have the right answer for everyone.”

    If I have not spoken graciously and effectively, or if I have not spoken in love, my words are nothing but noise.

  8. What does it say that lots of people become rich and famous doing something that a toddler can do? Also, it almost seems like this video could be a parody on how some churches and preachesr get by on a whole bunch of style and absolutely no substance.

  9. @aaron, i agree with your assessment.

    i’m not sure about this one. it’s kind of funny/cute on the one hand and very odd/disturbing on the other. but maybe i’m biased because the whole “screaming” preacher thing just isn’t me.

  10. i just posted this because i thought it was odd.
    not really funny to me.
    i know it not mocking preachers.
    but its just odd.

  11. It seems more than a little exploitive to me and reminds me of Marjoe from many years ago. It makes me sad to see this.

  12. Odd to me, but Kylie sure liked it. Guess you have to be 15 mo old to understand him.

  13. kinda alarming, actually