Prayer Stations

February 17, 2009


This past sunday for our celebration service for the 30 Days of Prayer for Mattoon we setup several prayer stations.

Prayer Stations

Touch of Love
Place a heart sticker on a special area of a map of Mattoon, and then take a few minutes to pray for that area. Examples could be your neighborhood, a school, or a work place.

Newspaper Prayers
Cut out certain headlines, pictures or articles out of a newspaper and glue them to the poster board. Then take a few minutes and pray for that issue or person.

Phone Book Prayers
Flip thru the phone book and randomly pray for people.

Prayer Chain
Pray for a friend in Mattoon that needs reconciliation with Jesus, and write their name down on a strip of paper. Then connect the strip of paper with a glue stick to the paper chain.

Deep Waters
Pick up a sugar cube and think about the sins that you need to confess to God. Pray silently, confessing your sins to God. After a few minutes, throw the sugar cube into the bowl, then stir the bowl with a wooden spoon while the cube dissolves. Thank God for taking away your sins.

Wall of Prayer
Write your prayers on a wall. Let these be prayers that others can join with you on. Take a moment and pray for someone else’s prayer.

Prayer for Your Life
Take a piece of clay and press your thumb into it making a print. Thank God that he has a plan for your life and that you have been created for a purpose. Spend a few moments asking God to guide you in your life.

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  1. Thanks so much. I appreciate these.

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