Over Time Stage Design

October 9, 2013

In September and beginning of October we did a series called “Over Time” that was inspired by Reggie Joiner’s book “Playing For Keeps.”

The concept behind our staging was to have elements that would be used during the series; whether as an object lesson, represented an illustration/story we told, or illustrated time in some way. Each week during the teaching we pulled items from the staging, told a story or biblical concept and then placed it back into its spot.

We split our 30′ wide screen by hanging black fabric and projected the same image into two small areas.

Stage supplies
Pallets and crates
Teaching items gathered from people’s basements
Clear globe lights $13 Target
32″ Pendant Light $90 Ikea
22″ Pendant Light $50 Ikea

IMG_9639 IMG_9641 IMG_9645 IMG_9646 IMG_9651

2 responses to Over Time Stage Design

  1. I loved it. I think it has a nice country feel to it. You did a great job. Hate to see it torn down when the series is done. Where did you find the crates?

  2. Scott, all of the pallets are going to be used on stage until December. The pallets actually came from a local company in town that let us borrow them.