Olympics and Baptism

September 18, 2008

This summer at The Pipeline, we did a six weeks olympic challenge.
We split The Pipeline up into three teams. Red. White. Blue.
The teams got points by number of people that attended on their team, number of friends they brought and by how well they did in the athletic competition. 

The blue team won! Victoria and Kristy did a great job leading this team!

The blue team celebrated the win, by playing putt-putt at Lincoln Springs Resort and ice cream.

For the six weeks of The Pipeline Olympics we challenged students week after week to take the next step in their faith and get water baptized.
So the week after The Pipeline Olympics ended, we baptized students at beach at Lake Mattoon.

We started with worship at the beach.
Bradlee and Lynne did an amazing job.

One of the highlights of the night was when Chelsea got baptized and then turned around and baptized her friend.
It was authentic.
It was real.

A little piece of Creative Chaos.

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