“No Screens”

September 29, 2008

Today I’m in the suburbs of Chicago with several youth pastors from around the state, to help with the vision of IYCM.
We always have a blast in the meetings, and I always seem to get more than I give. 

So, what’s up with the “no screens.”
We tried our meeting with screens, it doesn’t work.

“No screens” means..
No iBooks
No cell phones.
No twittering. Ok. I’ll try and sneak a few in. When Paul goes to the bathroom
Equals a yes to productivity.

Even though we get some a lot of stuff done, we have fun too and eat great.
Some of our stops.
Jamba Juice
PF Chang’s
Game Works 

Showing link love to the other guys in the meeting. Hoping they do the same.
Ray Baumann
Aaron Escamillia
Erik Scottberg
Paul Hinzman

One response to “No Screens”

  1. miss being in that circle.
    (But I was never a big Portillo’s fan) Sorry all you Chicago peeps.