New Site Design 3.0

January 15, 2009

I’ve not really have been pleased with my blog design ever since I switched from blogger last year.

I found this theme, and tweaked it a little, and I really like the simpleness of it.
My only setback, is the fact that when you go to my site, you have to click on an article before you get to content.

{rss readers, check out the new design}

What do you think about the design?
What do you think of the functionality?

If you have a sweet blog design, tell us your blog.

7 responses to New Site Design 3.0

  1. As long as it still shows up in my blog reader ok, it’s not an issue. But if I were someone who came to your blog to read daily, I’d be annoyed by the extra clicks to have to read the newest post. Anyway you can make the newest post show up and then the rest be archived?

  2. While I’m not a big fan of dark colors, I kinda like this. I like the fact that I have to click somewhere to find content. As a reader, I like options and as a blogger, it gives my readers options instead of, pretty much, force feeding them my latest post.
    I just did a redesign with THiCK theme from WooHoo. They’re kinda pricey, but have a buy one get one deal right now and that’s pretty awesome for when I tired of that theme :-). I’m not finished tweaking it and plan to add a static image to the background, but you can check it out @

  3. Rebekah

    I’m still trying to go thru this design.
    I had the same hesitation with no content or most recent blog post on the page.

    i’ll have to see what i can do with it.

    thanks for your input.

  4. I love the top banner and the pics along the bottom. I do like the idea of giving people who visit your page options, but I was a little overwhelmed with all the stuff in the middle. After a few minutes on the page, I’m figuring out what’s what, but it just wasn’t intuitive at first.

    All that said, I like the overall design.

    Now I need to redo mine….

  5. Like it, but same complaint as you. Took me a minute to realize I had to click on the link to read any blog entries

  6. I think simplifying a bit may help it not feel overwhelming. Definitely less on the right. but I like the overall feel.

  7. hey man. i love the top banner. but the page seems too spread out…at least with firefox. haven’t looked at it with other browsers yet. the comments are way below your post too. Don’t like that. I also liked to be able to go to your facebook, myspace, etc with your buttons… but I don’t see any now.

    just some thoughts. but do what you like! you’re the one who has to live with it mainly. 🙂