My Apple Photo Service Experience

December 27, 2008

For Christmas I gave my mom a 2009 photo calendar that I designed in iPhoto and printed thru Apple’s Photo Services.

Apple had posted on their site, that if you ordered calendars and books by a certain date, you’d receive your order by Christmas.
I was in.

I even ordered a couple photo books for my brothers.


The calendar made it by Christmas, the photo books did not.
Late night on Christmas Eve I emailed Apple in regards to my package not arriving.
I woke up with this in my inbox today.

Dear Evan,
I’m very sorry that your order did not arrive by the time you were quoted. I know how important it was to receive the order when you expected. 

I have issued a refund for your order.

Steve Jobs
Apple Photo Service Customer Support

One response to My Apple Photo Service Experience

  1. Evan,

    If I might ask, despite the difficulties/hassle mentioned above, how was the quality of the Apple photo product?