April 9, 2009

Sunday we announced at First Assembly that we are going to become one church with two locations.

Starting in August we are going to be opening our second location at Common Grounds in Mattoon on Saturday nights.
The location will have a specific target those with a mind set over a age bracket.
The mind of set of those not interested in religion, not interested in church.
This is a location that won’t have child care or any children’s services for a specific reason.

Today we (Travis and I) had conversation with a coffee house church planter, that inspired and encouraged us; especially in the area of incorporating the arts with this location.

Interview of Travis with Mindy, the owner of Common Grounds.

{click here to watch embedded video}

Here are a couple of photos from a concert we did at Common Grounds in the fall so you can get a jist of what it might look like.