Millions head north…

August 31, 2008

and I head south.

Tuesday AM Monday PM a small group of guys from my church and I will be heading to southern Louisiana to help Convoy of Hope for three days distributing water and other supplies to storm affected areas. You can read more in the press release. (ht: Travis Spencer)

Convoy of Hope president Hal Donaldson says the organization is prepared to meet the basic needs of tens of thousands of Gulf residents if it becomes necessary.  “Our trained personnel, corporate sponsors, church partners, and individual donors will once again link arms to meet the needs of a significant number of people, just like we did following Katrina and many other disasters.”

As the Disaster Response team heads towards the Gulf Coast, the National Hurricane Center predictions for Gustav’s trajectory will help determine where the truckloads of supplies are positions.  The teams will secure safe staging areas and move in to affected areas as soon as the winds diminish.

I just got word from Convoy of Hope, that we will be working on site in Lacombe, LA or Houma, LA.

Lafayette, LA area now.

2 responses to Millions head north…

  1. Convoy of Hope Rocks. What they do really makes a difference in the lives of people.

    -Missed you at Recess.

  2. Welcome buddy! God bless you. I’m about to head back to Baton Rouge in a while so it looks like we’ll miss one another.