Marvelous Light Creative Element

April 25, 2011

Marvelous Light was a creative element our team at The Fields Church (Mattoon, Illinois) put together for Easter 2011.

We wanted to show the transition from Jesus’ death to His resurrection. To show death to life, to show darkness to light.

The stage had a couple 55 galloon drums spray painted and a cross/memorial of Jesus’ death.
We created a 2 minute video that shows the beauty of the earth and then sin entering the world and then it leading to Jesus’ arrival and death and then ending with the resurrection.

To make this happen we used parts of Church On The Move’s Easter 2010 Opener called “Our World”, Mars Hill’s  (Seattle) “Who Killed God” and several images from Google.

The video then transitioned to a live performance of Charlie Hall’s “Marvelous Light.” Visually we want to show the crowd the brightness that came from the tomb symbolizing the resurrection by using Scanners to create a “Search light” and “Bright shining light” effects.

Also during this time we used our 1st-5th graders to transform the stage from death/darkness to light/life.

  • Removed the trash bags that were in the 55 galloon drums, and turned them over, and added a white table cloth, lamp and a vase of daisies.
  • Removed the memorial of Jesus’ death.
  • Added 10-12 tables covered with table clothes and table lamps, and also added a couple floor lamps.
  • Placed several vases of white flowers on the tables and stage.
  • While all of this is happening there are two teams of four that are painting two 20′ lilies onto white fabric as they raise them into the air.

Once all of the tables, lamps and flowers are placed on the stage, we wanted to show that Jesus transformed death to life, and that it was available to everyone today. So we spilled the white/life from the stage into the crowd.

We passed out white flowers, passed three 30′ white pieces of fabric into the crowd that they passed over their heads from the front to the back. And then released 200 balloons at the front of the stage (which actually spontaneously turned into balloons being hit into the air from person to person. It was very cool.).

Once all the lamps were in place and the next time the band went to the chorus we turned all of our stage lights, that turned out to be very bright.

Here’s a recording of the element. The camera was in our media booth, you can’t see everything and you can hear me give instructions and talking with our media team. (Think of it as the director’s cut.) Our team knocked it out of the park by the way.

One response to Marvelous Light Creative Element

  1. Our team seriously rocks. It was a very moving experience, even from the stage.