Jr. High Retreat

July 7, 2008

The last weekend in June, Kt and I were invited to speak at a Jr. High retreat in St. Louis.

We spoke on purity.
Katie talked with the girls.

  • Purity is a process
  • Discover your value in God’s eyes
  • Purity embraces wise guidance

I tackled some lies that guys get told. Some thoughts I had see from Doug Fields

  • Everybody is doing it
  • It’s impossible to be pure
  • A fantasy filled life is no big deal

Katie did an incredible session, that people were talking about, and she showed this moving clip from our wedding.

Thanks Rena and team for hosting us. We had a blast.

4 responses to Jr. High Retreat

  1. very cool. this is one topic that doesn’t get covered enough. In an impure world (excuse my sermonizing), where kids are constantly bombarded with pressures to be selfish & fulfill every desire, this is a message that needs to be preached all the time. It sickens me when I hear kids tell me they’ve lost their virginity. It always ends with the same statement, “I wish I could take it back.”

  2. Wow, that’s absolutely beautiful, dude. And it’s a fantastic message for those kids—I think if more little girls could see how romantic purity can be, they might cherish all the more dearly.

    And to Mr. Combs above, I have that same sick feeling when I hear the same. When I talk about purity, I can speak from personal experience and regret to the truth of the deep-down hurt that comes from breaking that vow.

  3. Very awesome. This is the first time I have ever heard of a “Purity Ring”, its a great idea.

    It is a tough subject to cover, because people(not just students) dont understand the importance of purity. So many parents dont talk about this issue with students.

  4. Good stuff…