ive always been amazed

January 21, 2008

with google’s holiday logos, but todays was incredible.

Here are my top 5.
Louis Braille’s Birthday – January 4, 2006

Mother’s Day – May 8, 2005

Season’s Greetings with a Google Doodle

Beta Version

World Cup – June 9, 2006

3 responses to ive always been amazed

  1. you checked in on the sound of thunder…now, i am checking in on you. our overlapping circles of blogging!

    that google art is pretty interesting, i must admit it is fun to see the creativity.

  2. man, your page takes a lont time to come up…and that orange page….wow!
    hey, i grew up in illinois…southwest of where you are living(i see you are almost in indiana) anyway..in a town called Marissa.

  3. thanks for the feedback.
    does it really look orange? its red.
    does it hurt your eyes while reading?