Inside the Orange. Francis Chan

April 29, 2008

Francis Chan spoke in the general session this am.

Christians have a blackjack relationship with God.
Its just about the relationship with them and the dealer.
But it should really be about the relationship with the dealer, and those around the table.

The greatest miracle is Christians loving one another.
If that would happen, people all over the world would see God.

the orange conference

3 responses to Inside the Orange. Francis Chan

  1. Christians have a blackjack relationship with God.

    That’s about the oppposite of what I’ve seen. I’m not sure why Francis feels that way. Most Christians I know are not that way at all. Maybe that’s because I’m Catholic and used to the Communion of Saints and the view of The Church as family going back 2000 years, but even most Protestants I know don’t have the point of view that Francis accuses them of (focusing only on Jesus and ignoring those around them). Not sure why he needs to slander Christians as a whole to make his point… If only we could avoid slandering each other and love one another then…. 😉

  2. Nice clipart


  3. Randy S. Cook May 3, 2008 at 8:58 am

    I thought Francis was great…..amazing communicator and really humble.