Influence Conference: Tony Morgan

September 16, 2010

Tony Morgan (blog) is the Pastor of Ministries at West Ridge Church near Atlanta. He’s also a strategist, coach, writer, speaker and consultant who equips leaders and churches to impact their communities for Christ. More important, he has a passion for the people. He’s all about helping people meet Jesus and take steps in their faith. He also authored the book Killing Cockroaches: And Other Scattered Musings on Leadership.

The Giant Inflatable Blue Monkey

How do we get people to take their next step in their spiritual journey?

First you need to figure out what a fully devoted follower of Christ look like at our church.
Are your next steps clearly defined for people?

Are the next steps clearly defined?

When we have fewer options for people they are more likely to get involved.
We need to narrow choices to help others make decisions.
Have we clarified those next steps?

  • What event/program requires a major platform announcement to succeed?
  • What would you not participate in if you weren’t the pastor?
  • Does this program reach people outside the church, or does it just satisfy people inside the church?
  • Where is the fruit? What is God blessing? Don’t confuse activity with results.

What if we invested in more of our money and time in those things God is blessing?

Are the next steps clearly communicated?

How do we avoid noise?

  • Clarify the mission, vision and values

Take two weeks and gather samples of all the communications that had taken place.

  • Develop a focused strategy

The giant inflatable blue monkey is every stage announcement, bulletin, email blast, ect.

75-80% reason that people show up to our churches for the first time – Peer to Peer.

  • Consistency in your messages; branding/voice/personality
  • Prioritize messages
  • Eliminate competing messages

Questions to discuss

1. Have you clarified the next steps?
2. Are the next steps clearly communicated?

Try to “promote” next steps rather than “engage people’s lives”.

Killing Cockroaches: And Other Scattered Musing on Leadership
Morgan’s point is that great leaders don’t have to do everything. The key is to play from your strengths while building a team that manages around your weaknesses.
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Tony’s personal notes for his session.
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