Influence Conference: Jon Acuff

September 16, 2010

Photo credit Kyle Dowden

Jon Acuff (blog) a preacher’s kid/copywriter who lives in Nashville working with Dave Ramsey. Author of the book Stuffs Christians Like.

People watched The Daily Show during the last election because they didn’t want humor but because they wanted truth.

3 Myths of Humor

It has to be cheesy
Rarely are Christians labeled as being hilarious.
We are exposed to 3000-5000 marketing messages a day.
As a pastor, how do you speak out into that cluster and into that mess?

To speak to cluster generation, we need to “surprise.”

Broca is seeing new information and associate it with something old.
via Accidental Magic: The Wizard’s Technique for Writing Words Worth 1,000 Pictures by Roy Williams.

An example of getting around Broca. Booty God Booty

Nobody waits until the very end of your pastors message to pay attention.

Humor can be powerful, full of  truth and uplifting.

You can only do serious good if you are serious
You don’t have to leave humor to make a serious point. Jon raised $60k thru humor for an orphanage in Kenya. His post about it.

It’s mean

  • Mockery – Is humor that aims to bruise, to hurt. Once you use mockery you can’t go back and make it beautiful.
  • Satire – Is humor with a purpose, the purpose of leading others towards Jesus.

Use humor to move the story along. It helps to push people forward.

Why is laughter an important?
Our laughter reveals God’s glory.

Stuff Christians Like
Learn the unspoken rules of Christian living, including the (in)appropriate use of God’s name to avoid a speeding ticket and obligations to “think about going into full-time ministry at least once every three years.”
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