I Needed Today

August 25, 2009


For the last couples weeks or so, i’ve hit my max.
I hit empty.

This summer straight up drained killed me.
Coached baseball league .
Played softball league.
Directed summer camps.
Renovated The Fields auditorium.
Skipped days off.
Worked 90 hour weeks.
No vacation.
*Updated* Traveled 1814 miles to San Jeronimo to get my butt kicked by 9 years in soccer.

Sunday night, I re-watched Rob Bell’s “Everything Is Spiritual”, and it really spoke to me about “creating and relaxing, creating and relaxing.”

I’ve been creating for the last 9-12 months.
We changed church names.
Shifted church philosophy.
Moved our technology use of the fields church to the forefront.

I’m exhausted.

Today helped.
I received text messages (starting at 5:30am, thanks Big D).
Tons of posts on my Facebook wall.
Tweets from all over the land.
Lunch with Pastor.
Free drink at Common Grounds. Thanks Mindy.

Today helped, I needed it.

2 responses to I Needed Today

  1. Can I add Honduras to the list…