How To Create A Series Trailer In 5 Minutes

December 19, 2013

Yesterday I posted the Christmas At The Movies sermon series trailer we created. You can watch it here if you missed it. 

It was the Saturday night before our Sunday morning kick off of our Christmas teachings series and I had just launched Apple Motion to begin work on our series trailer. After 90 minutes of editing I was ready to render the project. I clicked render and immediately Motion told me it’d take 9 hours to render, 15 minutes later it said it’d take 12 hours. I didn’t have 12 hours to wait. I didn’t have six hours to wait.

So I punted.

I opened iMovie. Selected a trailer theme. Dropped video clips. Added text.
Five minutes later I was rending and the video was done.

There are over 20 Apple Trailer Themes that you can take advantage of, that include easy drop zones for your video clips, photos and text.

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 10.18.21 PM

2 responses to How To Create A Series Trailer In 5 Minutes

  1. Evan,
    So I have been contemplating getting motion, I have an old version but I have been debating staying with just iMovie and Blender. Is it worth it going to Motion?

  2. Hey Guy. Actually I’ve not yet completed anything in Motion, this was my first attempt and I jumped ship. I probably won’t start from scratch on any Motion projects I do in the future but build off of a template.

    I’ve not heard of Blender, what is it?