Help, I Need Somebody – Easter Artwork

February 29, 2008

The other day I posted some artwork that Travis and I were working on for our Easter service at First Assembly. I gave no background information on the art for a reason. I just wanted your gut reaction.

First off, thanks for all the criticisms, encouragements, and ideas that were posted here, twitter, xanga and myspace.

Our Easter service is going to be based off of The Beatles’ song Help.
A live band will cover The Beatles song.
Multiple stories from people.
Creative elements from children and student ministries.
All centered around one center. Help.


rough draft

final draft

Any thoughts the on revisions?

The Beatles Help {embed video}

3 responses to Help, I Need Somebody – Easter Artwork

  1. Are these large posters or small handouts like a post card? Would it make sense to fill in the counter-form of the “p” in Help, as the “o” is filled in, in Love? Not sure where the line was being drawn between inspiration and reproduce. I like the transition from the rough draft to the final, and how “I need somebody” is treated with the florals interactive with it. Looks good, my church never had anything like that!

    (from Twitter)

  2. so, i like it. i totally get it. but it still looks like a graphic for a sermon series IN THE FALL. chances are that most people wont recognize the cirque de soleil artwork inspiration. with that in mind, i would have went for a spring-color scheme. but thats just me…and 9 of the 17 people who commented on it the other day. lol. good job though. seriously.

  3. Evan,

    I’d love to hear why you’re using the Beatles as a sermon series? I’ve seen Granger do it for the Christmas series, and I am interested in hearing what the objective is… Do the songs help explain the Gospel? Does it help more people come?

    I just want to give it a fair shot and hear straight from the horses mouth.

    Cheers- Mike