Gran Torino

January 14, 2009

Tonight I went with a couple friends to see Marley & Me Gran Torino.
This might possibly have been the first Clint Eastwood movie I’ve seen.
It was a good story of forgiveness and imagery of sacrifice. 

I found this movie poster of Gran Torino (if movie posters were honest)

ht holy taco

What did you think of the movie?

2 responses to Gran Torino

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  2. If a person sees this movie and is offended because it’s racist they’ve missed the point. It’s showing what would be considered ‘traditionalist’ values being held up against a modern society and the way that holding on to them affects people and the way you live your life. It isn’t only about Walt learning to love, because he knows how, it’s about him putting that into the context of today’s society.

    Brilliant movie, btw