God of This City – Artwork

October 24, 2008

We are starting a new teaching series on Sunday am called “God of this City”.
We know. We know.
Everybody has done it.
But. We are doing it anyway.

We got inspiration for this piece from here and here.

To make the piece our own.
And because Mattoon isn’t a city with skyscrapers, we did a photo shoot and make the piece personal.
So here goes.


Here’s what our final piece turned out to be.

Teaser video

6 responses to God of This City – Artwork

  1. hey, everyone’s done it because it’s an awesome theme 🙂

    Nothing wrong with that!!

    Love the artwork.

  2. Nice… and if I’m not mistaken you have used the original Bluetree version of the song…

  3. Very nice. The graphic is very appealing. Too bad the song is by Tomlin. 😉

  4. just found your blog via brody harper, great stuff here… love the photos, got you added to my reader.

  5. i think this is great….I care about our city

  6. great stuff guys! love how you made it YOURS! awesome job.