Global Prayers for Timmy

October 7, 2008

Technology has seriously changed the way we communicate with others.
Obviously I don’t have to tell you that, because your a blog reader.
I am amazed.

This morning I got an email about a student that comes on and off to The Pipeline and that plays in the summer baseball league that I coach in.

I just received a phone call and Timmy Pezan who has attended youth off and on was involved in an accident between Sigel and Neoga on route 45 and apparantly ran off the road and back on in the path of a semi. 

Of course, what do I do?
I let as many people know about it as possibly.
Text, twitter, phone calls.

I instantly got replies on twitter from people praying all over the world.

This was just one screen capture.
Just some states of where prayers went up today. 
Ohio, Alabama, California, Illinois, Florida, Nevada, Indiana

I spent a couple hours at the hospital where Timmy was.
He is doing really well.
He has some scratches, broken bone and had to have some staples on a head wound.
Thanks so much for your prayers.

4 responses to Global Prayers for Timmy

  1. Timmy you are in our thought and prayers. Andy and Terri we are praying for you also.

    Sheri, Paige, Alyssa & Brett

  2. Shows that nothing it too big or small for God, huh?

  3. you all are amazing!! did not know about this until today. all your thoughts and prayers are so heart warming!! tim is doing great! better then exspected. hes not in school of course, but he misses it!! tim got the staples out of his head on friday. hes up walking with a walker. he has to have surgery on his tongue, find out more on that tomarrow. he has to see a bone specialist for his pelvis. anyone who wants to send tim an email or wants updates can write to the or to tim at again thank you so much for your concern. its weird how family from out of state even made a comment? thank you!!!!!!