Five Essentials For Throwing A Dynamic Volunteer Christmas Party

December 16, 2013

Invite the entire family
Don’t just invite the volunteer but recognize everyone in their family from their spouse to their kids. Their kids have to sacrifice time with their mom and dad while they serve in ministry, show appreciation to them for letting their mommy and daddy serve.

Don’t forget their spouse. A lot of time the spouse of the volunteer is overlooked. If you don’t have the spouse’s blessing you won’t have your volunteer for very long. The spouse is part of the deal, because they are usually the ones pulling extra parent duty while their spouse serves.

Personally connect with each leader
Make sure that you communicate personally to each volunteer your appreciation for them. Words are powerful. You should do this both privately and/or publicly at the event. A lot of times communicating this public shows greater appreciation then privately.

Give gifts
Every volunteer should walk away with a gift. It can be something as small as a $5 Starbucks gift card, to a branded coffee cup or a piece of clothing with your ministry name on it. Bless them. Remember their family and spouses on this also.

Create or select a fun environment
Find an off site location that you have a blast together at. Rent out a skating rink, bowling alley or indoor playground.

Play together
A lot of times when we are together we are serving and have to have our game faces on. Let your party be one where they can play together. Create experiences where they can laugh as a team.

One response to Five Essentials For Throwing A Dynamic Volunteer Christmas Party

  1. Great stuff, Evan. Providing childcare during the event can make it even more enjoyable for the parents!