Finished our hardwood floors

September 15, 2008

Remove carpet.
Remove padding.
Sanding floors.
Staining floors.
Sealing floors.
You can read more about our house here.

Living Room

 Living Room

Living Room

Living Room

Living Room

Dining Room


Looking into the house

7 responses to Finished our hardwood floors

  1. Beautiful! And to think that a bunch of us had a hand in this house. How cool.

  2. Wow….I’m SO jealous. lol Looks nice!

  3. sweet.

    you must have used some expensive rags to get the stain to look so nice.

  4. @erikscottberg
    btw, they were made of some nice exotic material.

  5. Its looking really nice. How much more you have left to do?

  6. @jason
    a lot.
    family room.