Family Centered Ministry by Reggie Joiner

February 22, 2008

Four ways youth ministries are

  1. Our job is to stop kids from going to Hell
  2. Stop them from raising Hell
  3. We want to scare the Hell out of them
  4. (he either didn’t say it, or i missed it)

5 words youth pastors think about during the week

  1. Student
  2. Content
  3. Production
  4. Age group focus
  5. Growth

Across the country, churches are losing influence.

3 major dials needed to be in a life

  1. Relationship with God
  2. Relationship with others
  3. Relationship with yourself

Shift from production to relationship.
As much money we spend, we still will not be able to out produce culture.
Culture can not out do you in your relational content.
The greatest gift you can give a student is relationship.
The greatest gift you can give a parent, is to give them same thing that their parent is saying.

Family ministry focus
We can’t compete with the family, we need to compliment with the family.
2 combined influences make a greater impact, then just 2 influences.
Nehemiah 4:13
One day someone else will be doing my job, but nobody can be the kind of father to your sons and daughter that you can be.

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