Expand Your Facebook News Feed

February 11, 2010

Every notice why you keep seeing the same people over and over in your News Feed.
I’ve got over a 1000 friends, and it seems like all I see are the same people 100 in my feed.

By default Facebook sets your News Feed to only show 250 friends, you have to manually change it to see more.
Here’s how.

From the home page click “Most Recent.”

Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Edit Options.”

The “News Feed” setting window will pop up, showing who you’ve blocked, and in the lower left by default you’ll see “250.” You can change this to whatever value you want. 5000 is maximum, same as number of friends you can have. Then click “Save,” and you will notice your “News Feed” being more populated.

2 responses to Expand Your Facebook News Feed

  1. Awesome. I knew those preferences were there, but I didn’t realize that that was one of them. Thanks!

  2. some people finding this page, might be looking for how to “widen” the newsfeed, as in stretch it horizonally to take up more screen space on wide screen monitors. if thats the case, then theres a great browser extension called FB Purity that lets you customize the layout of your facebook page, and one of its options is to widen (expand) the newsfeed horizontally. You can get it here: http://fbpurity.com its safe and free!