Ethan’s Heart

December 15, 2009

Still processing today.
And I’m a little emotional and overwhelmed with the love for my son.

We had an appointment today with a pediatric cardiologist for what our local doctor thought was a heart murmur. (General term for a heart defect)

Today Ethan was strong.
Thru a couple tests, wires hooked up on him all over and waiting for the doctor which seemed like hours, but was probably 30 minutes.

The doctor found two small defects with Ethan’s heart; both a ventricular septal defect and a bicuspid aortic valve.

Ethan is growing healthy and has gained great weight this past week.
The doctor believes that the VSD will probably heal itself and the bicuspid shouldn’t cause him problems until he’s in old age.

I’m amazed how my son has been able to adjust to the real world.
Living, breathing and eating on his own.
I’m so proud of you son, you are a gift from God!

One response to Ethan’s Heart

  1. Evan and Katie
    We know what you are going through to a point Jesse was a week old and sick and didnt know what was wrong we were told baby’s dont run high fever of 103 like that he was in the hospital quarentined. This lasted on and off till he was three only to find out when he was about five it was all from an infection he picked up from having to have an emergency c-section the room wasnt sterile but they never told us that. But Its scary to be able to love someone so fast and not know whats going on but know God has all you guys in his hands. We were told alot of gllomy stuff and alot of not sure stuff and look at Jesse now hes gonna be a daddy his self. If you and Katie just need to talk we are here to listen and we just put Jesse is Gods hands and went onshowing him gods love and our love and he turned out to be a pretty good kid. We love you guys and you are are making awesome parents for Ethan. In our thoughts and prayers