Esther Havens – Story 2011

September 15, 2011

Esther Havens is a humanitarian photographer. She captures stories that transcend a person’s circumstances and reveal their true strength. For many years she has focused on social awareness campaigns with organizations such as Charity: water, Concern Worldwide, Watoto and A Glimmer of Hope. Her images posses deep meaning to compel thought and challenge action.

As a photojournalist, you must understand it is not your job to make news but to record news. So if you are photographing the meeting of two city councilmen and you move them to make a better photo, you have changed the truth. You have altered the scene. You have misled the public if you become a part of the story.

She traveled around the world gathering photos of sad people in poverty.
Who we are is not our circumstance.
Am I who my circumstance is?
She was viewing people as she saw them instead of seeing them the way God does.
She found beauty in the midst of poverty.
Other people’s stories can impact others.

There must be a connection between the subject and the photographer.
You have to let your guard down.

Where you even don’t have language you can use laughter to connect.
Do you ever stop to listen to their stories are?

You have this moment.
You have moments with people, and if you don’t listen you will miss it.