Dream Year

November 24, 2010

Each year, STORY founder Ben Arment helps 24 people launch their personal dreams within 12 months via DREAMYEAR.

Ben guides aspiring writers, musicians, filmmakers, entrepreneurs and humanitarians in creating a personalized plan to execute their dreams. Then he assists in the follow-through via monthly consultations, exclusive weekly e-lessons, monthly TokBox conversations and free resources. Free admission to Dream Year weekend and STORY 2011 are also included with acceptance. Complete the entire program for the cost of less than two college classes. Visit dreamyear.net for details. Deadline for applications is December 3.

Not ready for a year long coaching program, but need to jumpstart your vision?

DREAMYEAR Weekend, hosted in Nashville on January 21-23, 2011, is an intensive “conference version” of DREAMYEAR that allows you to learn from experts, develop a personal year-long plan (including weekly e-lessons), and receive personal feedback/resources to make your dream a reality. Best of all, you can bring your spouse for a minimal upcharge and meals are included. Sign up HERE. Special rate expires November 30th.