diddy on god

November 20, 2008

i listen to a lot of podcasts. a lot.
here are a few.
most of them while i work on the remodel.
tonight i listened to real time with bill maher, and sean “diddy” combs was on there.

i post this video with hesitation.
im not posting to be political.
i just thought it was interesting hearing sean combs, puff daddy, p diddy or whatever he goes by this week, stand up against maher and defend god.

bill maher has recently released a movie called religulous.

According to Maher, the title of the film is a portmanteauderived from the words “religion” and “ridiculous”; the documentary examines and satirizes organizedreligion and religious belief. source

right before this clip, they are talking about safety for obama and the secret service success.

{embedded video}

what do you think about diddy’s comments?

6 responses to diddy on god

  1. Are they talking about Obama’s safety? I love “I don’t think so.” in reply to Maher saying maybe Combs would come to his, Maher’s way of thinking.

    I really enjoy Maher sometimes I don’t believe I could watch Religulous.

  2. ha!…. “you will”.

    love. it!

  3. Diddy’s spouting the same “God’s favor” tripe about Obama that most of the black church is intoxicated with. Ugh.

    I guess it’s nice that he believes in some amorphous heavenly figure called “god”, but it’s pretty easy to do that without specificity.

  4. Today as I was doing my devotion this morning, I read Proverbs 21: 1 The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD;
    he directs it like a watercourse wherever he pleases.

    I didn’t vote for Barack Obama, but God did allow him to become president of our country. That says to me that he has God’s favor as leader of the US much like Saul did when Israel wanted a king to be like the surrounding nations.

    I don’t want to get political…but no matter what, as Christians we are called to pray for our leaders, whether we like them or voted for them or not.

    On a lighter note, I find it a bit shocking that PDiddy is a man of faith. God is good. All the time. And all the time. God is good. 🙂

  5. Hmmm… He expressed the “one day you will believe” in about the only way that you can do it without being a threat. Normally I hear that with a tone of glee, P[insertnamehere] didn’t really have that – which surprised me because I didn’t think you could pull that line out without the underlying glee that the unrighteous will go to hell.

    I love the honest, “I don’t think so.”

  6. Love it. Hey, did you know Sean is my brother? 🙂