Communications Card

March 11, 2009

This past month at First Assembly we switched from using Black Books for our attendance/communication to a Communication Card.
We weren’t happy with the Black Books because we weren’t really getting information we needed, and we didn’t have a way to get a response from our people from that mornings message.

The Process Before
People would pass our “Black Books” down the aisle for people to fill out their information.
Prayer cards in the seats, that people could fill out and put into the offering.

Process Now
We created in all in one process.
At the beginning of the service our people are instructed and given time to fill out the top half of their Communications Card (Name, address, ect)

At the end of the service, our people fill out the bottom half of the form.


3 responses to Communications Card

  1. Like this idea. Always hated the whole black book thing. Imagine being someone who needed to talk to the pastor about something personal and debating checking that mark when you know everyone else down the row is going to see it. Love seeing changes like this! Excited about the things happening down in Mattoon!

  2. It’s my opinion that people in the Midwest don’t want to have to let people know they are present. They would hope that somebody noticed. Right now, I have a list and check people off. We have around 100 people on a Sunday morning and it isn’t a problem. I’ve wondered how high an attendance would have to be before we just couldn’t keep track ourselves. We use the checklist to call and mail announcements to people who are missing. It is very effective.

  3. Our church does the same check list thing. It is quite useful.